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CarMax Warranty

On December 8, 2012 – a date that will live in Internet infamy – I purchased a six-year-old Range Rover from used car retailer CarMax with a six-year, bumper-to-bumper aftermarket warranty. In less than 18 months, my warranty had paid for itself – and my most popular series of columns was born. These columns have …

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Importing and Owning a Nissan Skyline GT-R

A few months ago, I decided to import a car. But then I realized something: importing a car is hard. So I paid a company in Virginia called Japanese Classics to import a car for me. Then I called them every week for about three months to learn about the car importing process, and I turned those …

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Letters to Doug

Every Friday, I write a column for Jalopnik wherein some hapless reader writes in with a legitimate automotive question, such as “Why have my Audi Allroad maintenance bills cost more than my wedding?” and I provide a clear, concise, helpful answer using easy-to-understand language and as little hyperbole as possible. Nah, just kidding. My answers …

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My Best Columns

Some people consider it boastful for a writer to label certain columns his “best.” So I wasn’t going to do that. But then I remembered something: I’m writing this on my own website. An entire corner of the Internet dedicated to me. Does it get any more boastful than that? Perhaps if I had a …

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Owning a Ferrari

At the beginning of 2014, I fulfilled my childhood fantasy of buying a Ferrari. At the end of 2014, I fulfilled my adulthood fantasy of selling it. In the meantime, I took it to a dragstrip, drove it on a 500-mile roadtrip, tried to sell it to CarMax, tied a television to its roof, drove …

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Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.48.29 PM

Owning a Hummer

Yes, that’s right: in my ongoing effort to buy vehicles that everyone wants to learn about but nobody wants to personally own, I’ve purchased a Hummer. It’s big, it’s yellow, it’s slow, it’s unwieldy, and it’s awful. In other words: the next few months are going to be tremendously enjoyable. Here’s What Random Strangers On …

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