My Books!

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Bumper to Bumper (released June 15, 2016) details many of my newest automotive exploits, including the story of how I learned to drive stick shift in a Ferrari, the time I got detained at the Canadian border on a press trip, the time I bribed a South African government official, the time I crashed my Porsche 911 company car into a tree, the real story behind the Chrysler PT Cruiser I crushed, and my relationship with automakers.

You can get Bumper to Bumper in the following places:

Amazon (Kindle) – $4.99

iTunes Bookstore – $4.99

Paperback – $14.99


Plays With Cars (released July 15, 2013) details many of my most exciting automotive exploits. The book will explain how I avoided the police at the Tail of the Dragon by using a pontoon boat, how I purchased a Mercedes E63 AMG wagon over the phone, what I think about autocrossing, what it’s like to own a Nissan Cube, how it felt to own a Mercedes G-Wagen, how I bought a Cadillac CTS-V from a guy who was getting deported, what it was like to drive my Lotus Elise across the United States, and much more.

Everything in the book is 100 percent true, except for the occasional slight exaggeration, like when I said: “If not for the E63 AMG Wagon, journalists asked to take an E-Class press car would politely decline, reminding the Mercedes-Benz PR office that they don’t work for the AARP Magazine.”

Anyway, you can get the book in the following places:

Paperback – $8.29

Amazon (Kindle) – $2.99

iTunes Bookstore – $2.99

Kobo Bookstore – $2.99

Barnes & Noble Nook – $2.99